The basic idea behind LatinMBA.com is to provide an effective means of placement services for MBA students and alumni with Latin American interests (“Latin MBAs”). As it is widely known, the job market for Latin MBAs is fragmented and, at times, “clubby”. LatinMBA.com is only a communication channel and does not compete with headhunters. On the other hand, we believe headhunters will highly benefit from LatinMBA.com’s services since they will be able to tap a targeted qualified pool of talented professionals with interests in Latin America.

Additionally, LatinMBA.com leverages the rich business profile of its members through the Business Opportunities Section. The goal is to provide a business conduit to access investment opportunities, private equity funds, customers, suppliers, etc.

LatinMBA.com was conceptualized by a group of New York-based Latin American investment bankers. The founding partners have MBAs (and other MBA-related degrees) from top US B-Schools such as UC Berkeley, New York University and Columbia University.

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